Orin USA provides customers in the US and Canada the option to rent a PEMF machine. Our PEMF devices are very popular and are in high demand. This is a great opportunity to try out one of our PEMF kits before buying one and lets you make sure you have the exact model that will fit your personal needs.

Be sure to read our article on how to improve circulation for more information on choosing the right kit.

At Orin USA, we have 3 different PEMF machines available for rent:

Orin 2000 (LT99M)

LT99M PEMF Home Unit

The LT99M (Orin 2000) is a portable home unit primarily designed for targeting the back, legs and arms. You can also wrap the PEMF applicator around joints such as the elbow, hip or knee.

This device is available for rent at a weekly and monthly rate.

Biotorus (LT100)

LT100 Biotorus PEMF Kit

The LT100 (Biotorus) is a portable ring-shaped home unit which has been uniquely designed to target the hard-to-reach joints such as the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles. The ring shape allows for a donut (torus) shaped magnetic field which has a strongest energy point at the center. By placing the joint inside the ring, you get the magnetic field concentrated on it.

This device is available for rent at a weekly and monthly rate.

Orin 5000 (VF-30P)

This PEMF machine is a professional grade unit designed for chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists. It features double the magnetic strength of our home units, allows for up to 30 user-defined custom programs and 2 outputs for simultaneous targeting of different areas of the body.

Your PEMF session is totally customizable with the Orin 5000, including selecting wavelength ranges and pulsation type (oscillating, random, burst, fixed). User can also customize session time and magnetic field intensity.

This device is available for rent at a weekly and monthly rate.

NOTE: Due to demand, our devices can only be rented out a maximum of 1 month. Shipping and handling fees are not included and must be paid separately.

Interested in renting a PEMF kit? Reach us via our contact form for more information.