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Our affordable personal device is the Therapply™ Mini LT99N, the most affordable of our PEMF kits. The LT99N kit comes with 1 device control unit, 1 mini applicator, power adapter & cable, and 1 magnetic indicator for testing the proper function and conductivity of your device.

Our user manual provides program descriptions, instructions on usage and recommended programs for specific applications.

  • Easy 3-button control panel, gets you going in seconds
  • Useful for areas such as legs, upper and lower back, chest and belly
  • Works with additional large applicator and ring applicator (sold separately)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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The Therapply™ Mini LT99N is the smaller, more affordable version of the Therapply™ Max, ideal for application of PEMF Therapy to smaller areas of the body. The Therapply™ Mini LT99N is supplied with the single-panel soft mini applicator mat which can be used for small areas such as the hands, neck/chin, elbow, foot/ankle, etc.

This device has an easy-to-use 3-button control unit, with a simple and user-friendly digital display. You can plug it in and begin your session in seconds. The Therapply™ control panel can be used with any of our applicators, so additional ones can be purchased beside the one supplied.

Therapply™ is a light, portable device and comes with its own carrying bag.

Our patented NTS (Never-the-Same) technology is unique in the way the generated frequencies are emitted, so that each user session is different within the frequency range of a given program. This ensures your body will not get used to any particular frequency and lose the beneficial effects of the machine over time.

Additional Features/Accessories

  • Carrying bag for compact storage and portability
  • Power cable & adapter
  • Magnetic Indicator for testing output
  • User Manual provides symptom/program table
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Additional Information

Magnetic Induction

2-8 mT (milliTesla) depending on attached applicator

Pulse Frequency

1.3 Hz to 72.7 Hz (depending on the operating mode selected)

Program Modes

Three modes of operation:

Program 1) Oscillating frequency from 3.3-40.7 Hz
Program 2) Oscillating frequency from 1.3-72.7 Hz
Program 3) Single frequency, programmable by user in increments of 2.5 Hz, from 2-72 Hz, default 12 Hz.


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