Ring Applicator


Ring-shaped applicator for use with Orin 1000, Orin 2000 and Orin 5000. This applicator is great for targeting joints such as hip, shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle areas. Simply connect the ring applicator to a device such as the Orin 1000, Orin 2000 or the Orin 5000 and commence the selected program.


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The ring applicator features the same shape as the Biotorus, without the built-in LT99 control unit. This is an accessory which can be purchased for use with the LT99 Control Unit, allowing for additional targeting of the hip, shoulder, elbow and knee joints.  You can also use it with the LT100 Biotorus or the Orin 5000 Kit, enabling you to target 2 areas simultaneously.

If you own the Orin 2000, you could disconnect the standard large applicator, and attach this ring applicator to target a shoulder, hip or elbow. Then, switch applicators and resume application to the leg or back with the Orin 2000’s standard large applicator.


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