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A unique device for use with joints, the Biotorus LT100 is a ring-shaped applicator and control unit integrated into a single body. Simply plug the device in, set your program and press “start.” It is easy to use and stores compactly in a custom carrying case.

If you are  interested in targeting the back or legs, see the Orin 2000 PEMF Kit, which is better suited for these areas.


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The Biotorus LT-100 is a light, portable device specifically designed for joints. Its ring-shaped design makes it best for use on arms, legs, shoulders, the head and the neck. The equipment can be easily positioned over the required area and, with its simple 3-button control and large easy to read display, you can begin your PEMF application in seconds.

The Biotorus also has a port for adding a second external applicator so that other areas of the body can be targeted at the same time. Our patented NTS (Never-the-Same) technology is unique in the way the frequencies used modulate, so that each individual session with the device is different within the frequency range of the programs. This ensures our bodies do not get used to any particular frequency and block PEMF’s beneficial effects.

Additional Features

  1. Carrying case for portability
  2. Magnetic indicator to test field strength
  3. User manual with program/symptoms table
  4. 30 day money back guarantee
  5. 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

Additional Information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions15.25 × 19.25 × 2.5 in
Magnetic Induction

Torus surface induction of 3.5 mT (milliTeslas)
Attachable applicator range: 2-10 mT (milliTeslas)

Pulse Frequency

1.3-72.7 Hz, depending on operating mode selected

Program Modes

Three modes of operation:

Program 1) Oscillating frequency from 3.3-40.7 Hz
Program 2) Oscillating frequency from 1.3-72.7 Hz
Program 3) Single frequency, programmable by user in increments of 2.5 Hz, from 2-72 Hz, default 12 Hz.


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