If you are looking to compare PEMF devices, there are a few key points to consider to ensure your purchase is a good one. Important factors must be looked at, and in this article, we will attempt to cover these points to help you decide which machine best fits your situation and condition. Please note that nothing in this article nor any part of this site is intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. The data provided in this blog is solely informational and cannot be construed as medical advice.

Injury/Affected Area Type

If you are suffering from hip, shoulder or knee pain or discomfort, it is highly recommended to use a device which will target these difficult-to-reach areas in such a way as to provide maximum field penetration, due to the bony and uneven shape of these joints. Using a flat PEMF mat will not provided the best results. The Biotorus is a ring-shaped (toroid) PEMF control unit and applicator in one single body. This device is perfect for joints.

If, however, the affected area is easily accessible, or is a long limb, the large applicator (model #A4C) is more suitable. This would include the arms, legs, hands/fingers, spine/lower back, neck, glutes and chest. This type of applicator is available with the ORIN 1000, ORIN 2000 and ORIN 5000 PEMF kits.

There are several points to keep in mind when purchasing your PEMF therapy machine.

Injury Size

Depending on the size of the area you would like to apply PEMF therapy to, you will need to pick an applicator that will penetrate the area fully in order to ensure proper delivery of the magnetic field. We provide 3 uniquely-shaped applicators:

The ring-shaped applicator is used by placing the body part in the center of it, where the magnetic field is the most concentrated. If you are applying it to the shoulder, you would put your arm through it, for example, enabling the Biotorus to target the shoulder joint very exactly.

The large applicator will work in several configurations. You can lay it flat on the spine, or place the arm or leg on it, to target the entire length of that body part. It can also be folded since it is made up of 4 separate magnetic plates, sewed into one sturdy unit. The applicator can be shaped into a square or triangle shape, and the hands or feet could be placed inside.

The mini applicator is best for spot application, such as an area of the hand, or a specific part of the back or leg. It can also be used on the face for teeth or on the belly, where poor circulation may be present.