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At Orin, we are dedicated to ensuring our devices are of the utmost quality. Internationally, Orin has been providing the public with affordable, high-quality magnetic therapy devices since 1995 and has over 160,000 satisfied customers worldwide. We invite you to browse our products and find the machine which best fits your needs. We guarantee our devices for 3 years after purchase and all our Orin PEMF kits have a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are confident your experience will be a satisfying one!

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I play tennis 3-4 times a week with a friend of mine. I'm 60 years old and we are pretty tough. I did this awkward spin to avoid running into a fence and I tweaked my back. I had a back spasm every time I breathed and couldn't walk. I used the Orin product right away as I sat at my desk and worked. I did a couple of sessions like that and at night wore it to bed. The next morning I really was OK. I could walk normally later that day.
T.D., Tennis Player
I had a mold infestation in my home and it started affecting my joints. It was debilitating and disconcerting because I am an extremely healthy person. I purchased the device and starting using it, within 2 weeks my hand brace came off and I haven't had to use it since. My wrist is almost totally back to normal! I even bought my daughter one for her bad back.
R.S.L., PR Specialist
I invested in this product for my practice. I use a magnetic therapy device to compliment my structural care. If someone has an injury in the neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle, etc., sometimes a structural change is not easy. I use the device to help calm the area down and it allows me to take the person through the process more easily.
M.T., Chiropractor